JoyceMy name is Joyce Dijkstra, I am Dutch but I have been living in Italy, with my husband Aldo, for many years. I studied Natural Medicine in Germany, Dance Therapist and Dance Educationist.

Many years of dedicated research have resulted in the development of my own personal method of conducting the Dance enrichening it as a therapeutic instrument and form of Spiritual Research.
I have been inspired mainly by the Dutch psychiatrist Charlotte Querido and Roy Martina (Neuro Emotional Integration) and also the numerous teachers encountered around the world, on my travels in life, who shared their personal forms of sacred and meditative Dance.

I followed Anastasia Geng during her research of the Dances of the Flowers of Bach and, in 1991, I introduced this form of dance in Italy; I have taught it, and still teach it, in several other countries of the world.

The theme ‘Mourning’ and its elaboration is of great interest to me. The writer Elisabeth Kuebler Ross inspired me when I introduced this theme in the Dance.
With the seminars: ‘Illness and Now’ ‘Going Towards Life’ & ‘Overcoming Mourning Through the Dance’ I offer help to those who find themselves in that delicate moment of their existence.
In meetings of a deeper level with teachers of Meditative Dance, I guide and give them the opportunity for sharing, for revision and supervision.

At the moment I am working on two important projects:
– Universal Values aimed at those people interested in experiencing the Dance as a ‘connecting bridge’ to other religions.
– The second is a project regarding the theme of ‘Woman’s Healing’ which forsees several meetings with significant themes such as:
‘Be As You Are’
‘Discover The God Within You’ and
‘The Search for One’s Feminine Self In A Life Without Children”
am the author of the book ‘You are the dance” Edited by il Segno, Gabrielli Publishers 2001. Published in Holland 2003 by Ankh Hermes.
Now I am writing a new book about Universal Values connected with the dance.

I am a member of the International Dance Council UNESCO;
member of the Rete Euro Mediterranea for the humanization of medicine
and I am also member of the Fachverband Meditation des Tanzes, Sacred Dance Germany.